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***   The features of device and its treatments:  This device and its three soft clear
suction tips
come within a medical protected plastic container (as shown above),  
which has three assigned compartments for
each suction tip of alcohol sterilizing.
Once, the tip is dipped into the filled alcohol compartment; its internal designed
surface will keep wet of alcohol sterilizing through out an operation.
 Empty the used
alcohol from the container, keep it dried until next operation.
There are 3 suction tips
issued with order.
*** The
smallest orifice suction tip is for blackhead. For the Extreme Deep Blackheads,
please to request for a free special suction tip through email:
*** The larger orifice suction tip is for extracting the regular red and white head acne.  
*** The largest orifice suction tip is for extracting the cyst or big white head acne.        
***  The vacuum chamber.  Its feature of easily pulling straight out  (as shown on the
above mechanical drawing) has a design of multi-functions:
 I. It lets consumers
accessed to inside its vacuum chamber;  where-at, for
adding Olive oil, which is an
agent of movement of the piston.
 ll. Increase vacuum force by tight in the nuts of
rubber piston.
IIl. The vacuum chamber can get sanitized by flushing through with hot
tap water;
 in case of, it gets contaminated by the acne's puss incidentally sucked-in.  
*** The combined features of device are: 1.The inner surface of suction tips are
designed for sterile that is keeping wet of alcohol.  
2. Its removable vacuum chamber is
hot tap water flushing. 3. Its interaction of vacuum over pressure forces
simultaneously applies on pimple top, extracts
its infected head instantly.  Any
blackhead remover, which creates no initial pressure, will not instantly remove a
The novelty of Vacuum over Pressure has been patented. Many
Dermatologists have been recommending it for pimple's treatment and acne's control
for years.
**  The action of pushing forward of handle of device  interacts its vacuum
over pressure force; this is an exclusive feature that fulfils the
needs of sterile, effectiveness, painless, natural & instance of extracting
acne infected
 Just imaging :   1. --  If the pimple head must be squeezing until its head
extruded  by fingers or a metal stick. How painful!  2. -- The chemical solution can
neither instantly remove any
deep blackhead, nor instantly sucks out a zit, regular
or under skin pimple head,  but must rather wait  for few days, as for the
chemical gets effected. How stressful!  
3. ---  Chemical solution might cause skin
allergy, perhaps even cancer. On contrary, Stonefield Vacuum Extractor will suck out
pimple cores, even a
deep blackhead instantly & naturally, which will cause no skin
allergy, nor cancer.
The Dermatologist unique design: The Stonefield's Vacuum Extractor is a much
smaller device than the Lipo-Suction system of cosmetic surgery. Once, the handle of
device is pushing forward, its suction tip tightly covers the pimple's lump with a
controlled pressure
; the device will release a vacuum force on the pimple's top for
painlessly sucking out
its head and infected fluid instantly totally.  Lipo-Suction
system is achieving its function by having
its vacuum tube, separating fat tissues from
their compounds, then instantly sucking them into its vacuum tube.
The Stonefield
Acne Vacuum Extractor
 instantly  sucks out pimple's cores by its interacting vacuum
over pressure;  which applies
on acne's top to open its enclosed follicle, for which, its
blockage is now exposing
; where at, a flash vacuum simultaneously is releasing to
extract the blockage through the suction tip of device. The
mechanism of Vacuum over
Pressure is a unique feature that
assures free of skin bruising, dark scar forming and
painful feeling of acne removal. The novelty of Vacuum over Pressure feature
has been patented since June 2007.
**  The comprehension of removing blackhead  by the Dermatologist:  Due to its
its bonding to and mostly enclosing within its follicle, blackhead blockage
requires an initial pressure, to lose up the bonding, open up the enclosed follicle, prior
to be removed.
Blackhead can not be instantly extracting by any facial creams,
pasty adhesive agent, even chemical solution. Perhaps, these chemical agents can
slowly dissolve the very top soft
yellow head,  but not effectively suck out even a  
shallow  blackhead. By The Consumer Lab test:  # 1.--  Any pimple vacuum remover, if
creates no pressure to open up the enclosed follicle, lose up the pimple head from its
bonding, won't be able to extract a
blackhead out definitely. # 2.- The suction force
itself can not suck out a
blackhead, due to its enclosing & bonding to its follicle;  even
at an extreme high suction force, which will damage acne skin without fulfil the acne
extracting task.
 # 3.- An acne vacuum remover,  if has an orifice suction tip larger than
three times of a pimple diameter, will distribute its entire producible vacuum force over
the surrounding acne surface area;  thereafter, it loses most of its strength,  no longer
suitable for encountering with a higher natural force of bonding within the acne
follicle; thus the device cannot possibly suck out a
blackhead physically. The lacking
of initial pressure on
acne vacuum extractor is the main reason; which prevents some
beauty salons from using their huge acne suction devices, but rather use their loop
end metal sticks, press hard on
a blackhead pimple, until its head extruded. The
painfully pimple extracting can be avoided, if there was an appropriated vacuum
source, which is
applying on pimple' top, at the time of extruding the pimple head. Although, knowing
their customers are so in pain, but the beauty salons have no alternative. Therefore, in
order to avoid the painful acne removal of their customer, a combination of
hot steam
chemical skin softening is applying on the acne top. Please keep in mind, this
chemical treatment will, perhaps causes skin allergy or skin tone defect. The Stonefield
Vacuum Extractor is an
incomparable device, which has the technique of Vacuum over
in which, Its controlled pressure is applying on acne tops, losing up its
blockage, exposing pimple's head from its enclosed follicle; thereafter, the vacuum of
device will extract the
deep blackhead & infected core instantly.
**  The under-skin pimple treatment:  In the case of a pimple grows under secondary
layer of skin that causes a
big red swelling lump, one mays call it  "a cyst".  It is very
painful even just by a finger lightly touches. The Stonefield Acne Vacuum Extractor will
extract the whole
infected acne's core with its mix infected fluid & puss. Prior to begin
treatment, it is recommended that consumer should inspect the
red lump; whether, it
has already appeared a small white spot of puss on its top. If not, consumer should
wait for a day or two until a white spot to appear on the pimple's top. Otherwise,
selects the appropriate orifice suction tip that fits the size of pimple, twist to plug the
suction tip tightly on the vacuum chamber of device, operate the device as you have
seen its procedure on video of this page, the
pimple puss and its infected fluids will be
sucking out totally. The skin will instantly feel a total relief and its pore will heal in 25
minutes afterward surely.
BIG SAVING by order on this website. Regular price: $ 49.99  
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*  For all International, please send us a cashier check or money order of
US. $56.00
 shipping & handling cost have included.
*  Especially for shipping to Canada, the total fee is US. $50.00                                      
Stonefield Design Mfg. Inc.                     
P.O. Box 4263                                  
Garden Grove, CA. 92842                        
For quickly respond, please use the following email:   

The domestic  U.S.P.S.  First class shipping & handling  is $8.00. It will arrive within 5
business days.  
Oversea Standard flat rate Shipping is US.$26.00  providing by the
U.S.P.S. It will arrive from 21 - 30  business days. Please
click on to either any  Buy
  to pay for your order, including for International shipping. Flat rate shipping
standard for Canada is
US.$ 20.00.  Please also click on the Arrow Down of color
to select your favorite color of the device handle. Please also fill out and
re-verify your shipping address informations carefully. If your order has not arrived
within the above schedules, please E-mail us right at:

**  To get this product for free:  Fingers acne squeezing will get skin infected, bruised
and integrated to the worse scar
. Chemical acne treatment will have side effects, if even
Therefore, consumer, who can't afford to buy this product, can get it for free.
As per the sale proceeding, customer just buys this product as a normal purchasing;
thereafter, he or she will receive a total of 100% refund plus shipping charge after has
introduced 4  friends of his to buy this product. Afterward, just e-mail us the name of
your friends, who have bought this product. The full refund of money will come within
5 business days. We truly care for your acne.
Acne's infection and its dark scar are the
serious matters that will effect your facial complexion and self confidence.
As you have seen & compared among all acne extractors on YouTube;  this device has
shown its best advances evidently. Its
exclusive feature The Vacuum over Pressure
applies on a pimple's top simultaneously. These combined forces will open up follicles,
for its vacuum easily suck out their acne &
blackhead cores totally & instantly, without
squeezing, poking or cutting, like many other products would do. It ha
s proved its
effectiveness on removing
acne, zit, deep blackhead and deep cyst painlessly and
naturally at home. Especially, it will totally extract
infected acne's core at its prime
condition to control
dark scar post healing. In which, there is no other device can. Acne
will reappear as per your body natural function & as per facial chemical treatment used
up. The Stonefield Acne Extractor with its technology of
Vacuum over Pressure will
naturally vacuum extract acne,
zit, deep blackhead & even extreme deep blackhead
instantly. Unlike using chemical; natural suction will control allergies & cancers.  
It will
pay for itself,
as within a visit to beauty salon or a Dermatologist's office. This acne
vacuum extractor will be with you for years.
The above three videos were collected from YouTube; where customer can verify each
video content, be a judge for yourself, as for selecting the best
acne or
extreme deep blackhead vacuum extractor on today market.
**  Disclaimer of product: The level of effectiveness of this product may vary from one person to another.
** Disclaimer of product: The level of effectiveness of this product may vary from one person to another.
** Disclaimer of Product:  The level of effectiveness of this product may vary from one person to another.
The above is a comparison video of between The Electric and Manual Stonefield's Acne Vacuum Extractor
The following video is a Manual Stonefield's Blackhead, Acne Vacuum Extractor at work
Color Selection
Processing by
** **
Color selection
Processing by
Stonefield Design Mfg. P.O. Box 4263 - Garden Grove, CA. 92842  (858)222-0321
Web: - Email:
The Pressure of Device will open-up pimple follicles; where-at, its vacuum extracts their
acne and blackhead cores instantly & timely to control their dark scars post healing. If
Extreme Deep Blackheads have been on the skin awhile, please inform us at email: In the order, we'll send you a free special extra suction tip,
which surely extracts 99% of the
acne & blackheads instantly. The vacuum suctions are
natural, so we would
assure of using our product, won't cause skin allergy or cancer.
Proactiv Solution absorbs under the skin, contrarily assures none from long term using
of its product. Our government says: Long term using of under skin acne's solutions  
will cause skin
Cancer & Allergies. Just consider: The Johnson & Johnson Company's
Baby Powder caused Ovarian Cancer, was ordered to pay a $72 Mil. verdict to its user.  
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The following is one of many sincere but nice customer's compliments.  
Thurs., May 13, 2010 4:10:28 AMRE:  Acne suction extractor shipping.
From: Olivia Raymondxxx.  View Contact.  To:
I just received your acne extractor, and I just wanted to thank you so much; I was more than   
skeptical, but I have to admit. IT WORKS !!!!!!!!  I'm really! really impressed. You don't have the
credit that you deserve; your device is amazing!
Thank again, the package arrives super quick; by the way, super customer service.
Olivia from England
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We would provide you with more
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The Stonefield Design Mfg.
If any investor wants to join us; please contact:
Mr. Andy Hoi Nguyen
P.O. Box 4263
Garden Grove, California, 92842
Phone: (858)222-0321
It is natural for Acne & Blackhead coming back, just the matter of more or less. No chemical can
control them for ever. By US. government: The more acne chemical using is the better chance of
getting allergy & skin cancer. Stonefield Vacuum Extractor's Patent Application 445,987/12-06-07,
been chosen the best
acne extractor on the market since 2009 by these Web Search Engines:
1., 2. & 3. Only The Stonefield has the
technology of
Vacuum over Pressure that will instantly extract them all & controls dark scars post
healing surely. Please read: rated Acne Vacuum Remover.