** Stonefield Designs Mfg. has deeply involved in research of this Acne Vacuum
Extractor for years. When the handle of device is pushing forward; it will automatically
actuate its suction tip, apply pressure on pimple's top, to create a closed tight circle on
skin around of its follicle, control its flash vacuum from leaking, open up acne's

enclosed follicle,
expose Its blockage and infected core; at which, the flash vacuum of
device will simultaneously release, extract the
core & blockage instantly. This is the
feature of
Stonefield Vacuum Extractor. It truly is an important feature that no other
Acne Vacuum Extractor has. Vacuum over Pressure makes Stonefield Vacuum Extractor
works so well on extracting any acne,
zit, Blackhead or Extreme Deep Blackhead
instantly and naturally.

Following are the main features of device:
**  Its initial pressure is to open up the acne enclosed follicle, exposing its blockage
infected fluid for flash vacuum to suck them out naturally and instantly.

** The initial pressure ensures its complete integrity of vacuum force, creates a closed
tight circle around the follicle;  otherwise, the vacuum will leak and lose its assumed
vacuum mostly, and fail to perform its expected task.

** Simultaneously applying of  Vacuum over Pressure on acne top is a must have
condition,  in order to remove any
cores of acne, cyst and Extreme Deep Blackhead.
The initial pressure is to open up its enclosed follicle, exposing its infected blockage
infected fluid; which is  easily sucking off by the vacuum at its prime condition, for
controlling their future
dark scar. Although, sucking off the infected  condition, at
which is too late to control the
dark scar from forming. Because, the follicle has already
set in its
status of deep dark red.

** Therefore, any acne vacuum extractor that does not equip with an initial pressure will
surely fail its task of instantly removing any acne root,
Regular Blackhead & Deep
. For an Extreme Deep Blackhead, the task even more difficult, which
requires a total precisely coordination between
Vacuum over Pressure forces, as for the
wok of extracting an
Extreme Deep Blackhead to be succeeded. Because, it is big &
hard deep under skin surface. Stonefield Designs Mfg.  would offer our
Blackhead Extractor
to challenge with any companies in the world, who produce acne
vacuum extractors or any facial creams, that claim to be able of
instantly extracting an
Extreme Deep Blackhead
or just a Regular Blackhead.

***************    The Stonefield Company makes this challenge:   ******************
** The challenge is: "Any companies including Stonefield that produce an unfulfilled or
failed to prove of their
blackhead extractors claims, must take responsibility on their
products. Which must be able to extract a
blackhead instantly. Otherwise, they must
pay for all expenses of TV shooting event and Media."  If your company interests to
participate in this challenge, please contact us at email:
Please click on to select either  Buy Now  
button for
the sale price of  $29.99. These  
Buy Now  buttons will have many payment
options to chose, including
money exchanges.
One Buy Now Button
processes your payment by
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precesses your payment by
The Stonefield Mfg will not involve in your
credit payment processing, but those
professional financial processors. Thus your
credit information will be confidentially safe.
We would provide you with more
confidence of choice.
These pictures demonstrate acne & blackhead anatomy.
One should see that
blackhead stays under skin surface,
its follicle is open, but its root is solid hard & much
bigger than its opening. While acne's core is in paste &
smaller & stay deep under skin surface.
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Stonefield Design Mfg. P.O. Box 4263 - Garden Grove, CA. 92842  (858)222-0321
Web: acne-pimples-suction-yourself.com - Email: a.a.stonedesign@gmail.com
The Pressure of Device will open-up pimple follicles; where-at, its vacuum extracts their
acne and blackhead cores instantly & timely to control their dark scars post healing. If
Extreme Deep Blackheads have been on the skin awhile, please inform us at email:
acneblackhead@yahoo.com. In the order, we'll send you a free special extra suction tip,
which surely extracts 99% of the
acne & blackheads instantly. The vacuum suctions are
natural, so we would
assure of using our product, won't cause skin allergy or cancer.
Proactiv Solution absorbs under the skin, contrarily assures none from long term using
of its product. Our government says: Long term using of under skin acne's solutions  
will cause skin
Cancer & Allergies. Just consider: The Johnson & Johnson Company's
Baby Powder caused Ovarian Cancer, was ordered to pay a $72 Mil. verdict to its user.  
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The following is one of many sincere but nice customer's compliments.  
Thurs., May 13, 2010 4:10:28 AMRE:  Acne suction extractor shipping.
From: Olivia Raymondxxx.  lafitte.olivia@xxxx.fr  View Contact.  To: stonefield06@sbcglobal.net
I just received your acne extractor, and I just wanted to thank you so much; I was more than   
skeptical, but I have to admit. IT WORKS !!!!!!!!  I'm really! really impressed. You don't have the
credit that you deserve; your device is amazing!
Thank again, the package arrives super quick; by the way, super customer service.
Olivia from England
It is natural for Acne & Blackhead coming back, just the matter of more or less. No chemical can
control them for ever. By US. government: The more acne chemical using is the better chance of
getting allergy & skin cancer. Stonefield Vacuum Extractor's Patent Application 445,987/12-06-07,
been chosen the best
acne extractor on the market since 2009 by these Web Search Engines:
1. www.Leaf.tv.com, 2. www.eHow.com & 3. www.Alibaba.com. Only The Stonefield has the
technology of
Vacuum over Pressure that will instantly extract them all & controls dark scars post
healing surely. Please read: www.eHow.com/way-5548612 rated Acne Vacuum Remover.