***  Doctor's recommendations:    1.  Please wash your face with mild soap &
warm water right after this acne's head removal operation.
 2. Keep your facial
skin free from oily condition by washing it frequently, avoid eating greasy food
& keeping your digesting system from constipation will help control acne from
 3. Wash your face well with warm water and mild soap before
apply on any makeup.
 4. If the heavily zits keep reappearing, one should
consult a Doctor for an antibiotic treatment.
5. Facial acne cream or chemical
can only temporarily heal a
zit, but its consolidated cells blockage will remain &
integrate into a
blackhead or grow into a white cyst.   6. Completely extracting
infected blockage at its prime condition will control the acne's brown scar
post healing. It also cleanses the acne's pore to enhance its skin condition.
The above three videos were collected from YouTube; where customer can verify each video content, be a
judge for yourself, as for selecting the best acne or extreme deep blackhead vacuum extractor on today market.
This is The Stonefield Eyelashes Permanent
Extender. It will extend your eyelashes from 10
to 20 Mili-Meter length. It will come to market
within few weeks.
The above is comparison video of between The Electric and manual Stonefield's Acne Vacuum Extractor
**  Disclaimer of product: The level of effectiveness of this product may vary from one person to another.
**  Disclaimer of product: The level of effectiveness of this product may vary from one person to another.
** Disclaimer of product: The level of effectiveness of this product may vary from one person to another.
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The following video is The Manual Stonefield's Blackhead Acne vacuum painless extractor at work
Stonefield Vacuum Extractor, Patent Application #445,987/12-06-07 has been
chosen the best product on market since 2009, by
these Web Search Engines:
1. www.Leaf.tv.com,  2. www.eHow.com and 3. www.Alibaba.com.
Read more: www.eHow.com/way-5548612 rated Acne Blackhead Vacuum Remover.
Its pressure will open follicles; where-at, vacuum extracts their acne & blackhead
cores instantly & timely to control
dark scar. If the Extreme Deep Blackheads have
been on skin awhile, please email us:  
acneblackhead@yahoo.com. In the order,
we'll send you
an extra special free suction tip, which surely extracts 99% of the
blackheads instantly. The vacuum suctions are truly natural, so we would assure
of using our product, won't cause allergy or cancer. Proactiv Solution absorbs
deep under the skin, but assures
none from long term using of its product. Neither
Johnson & Johnson Co., then got a $72 Million verdict, paid to its user, on the
case of long term used of
Babies Powder over Ovarian Cancer. It's a wake up call.
Stonefield Design Mfg. - P.O. Box 4263 - Garden Grove, CA. 92842 - (858)222-0321
www.acne-pimples-suction-yourself.com   -    Email: a.a.stonedesign@gmail.com
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