As you have seen and compared
among all acne extractors on the
Youtube; this device has shown its
advances that have surpassed over
them alls.
The important feature is: Its
innovative Dermatologist design,
which is the vacuum over pressure,
easily sucks out any pimples head
painlessly and instantly, without
squeezing, poking or cutting skin, like
many other products would need to
This device has proved to you its
effectiveness and quickness on
acne, blackhead and deep
painlessly and instantly at home.
Specially, it will clean follicle opening
to eliminate acne
reappearing and
facial complexion quickly in
Acne will alway reappear once you
stop using the facial chemical
treatment. The acne growing cyst, on
the other hand will keep growing as
you would see that in many Youtube
videos. Please read the following
Doctor's Recommendations for a long
term acne treatment.
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This  Approved Clinical Pimple Vacuum Extractor  is 100 % effective better  than any pimple extractors on today's market,  or  200 %  guarantee
money back
 (Check Our Company  Policy).  We have reached over million satisfied customers of using  this Acne Vacuum Extractor. These
customers mostly have decided to buy this device due to dissatisfied with their previous acne removers.
  Please search on the Internet to see,
whether any other acne active vacuum extractor exists on the market yet.  Truly, there is no other comparable Stonefield acne vacuum extractor.
Please note:  There are many websites, which advertise their products as pimple vacuum extractors, but really selling acne creams
instead.  Stonefield acne extractor actually uses
vacuum over pressure to remove  pimple head by its interacting mechanism.  The only
acne device, which  equips with technical vacuum over pressure,  will extract
blackhead root & acne infected fluids  instantly,  totally and
painlessly.  The feature of the device will eliminate 100% acne
brown scar post healing.  The  technical design of vacuum over pressure is
much more advance that our competitors could not have achieved.  Thus,  this website has been frequently under vandalizing somehow.  
Therefore, please copy this web address: on any file for future re-visiting;
just in case, this web-page has suddenly disappeared.
Just observe the above pictures of The Blackhead and Acne Anatomy, the infected cell blockages are larger than their opening pores.  The
shown blockage of follicle is enclosed completely,  It will integrate into a complex mixture of partial liquid and consolidate,  which needs
suction procedure to get removed completely.  Most of chemical treatment can heal the acne infection by to discharge its fluid, but its
consolidated cells might remain within its pore to cause further problems. Thus,  this acne suction device is an ideal solution
.  Pimples are
results of its pore gets clogged by dead cells, excessive oil, fine dusts and bacteria. Acne instant vacuum removal will effectively clear its
pore to prevent pimple from reappearing.
   Every pimple will leave behind a brown scar; which is integrating from follicle skin red, due to blood
infiltrated to kill bacteria, as for controlling its infection. The blockage of follicle will integrate into an infected complex fluid,  Any mean of sucking
out the infected fluid totally will control  99% of forming acne scar post healing. This device is the only acne vacuum suction extractor on market
that designed for completely removing blackhead, white acne and acne cyst.

            The features of device and its treatments:    This  device  and  its  three soft clear suction tips come within a medical protected  
     plastic container (as shown above),  which has three assigned compartments for
each suction tip of alcohol sterilizing. Once, the tip is
     dipped  into  the filled alcohol compartment;  its  internal  designed surface will keep being wet of alcohol
sterilizing  through out  an
Please empty the used alcohol from the container, keep it dried until next operation.  There are 3 suction tips issued with
     the device.

                  ***   The  smallest orifice suction tip  is for extracting the blackhead.
                  ***   The  larger orifice suction tip  is  for  extracting  the regular red white head acne.
                  ***   The  largest orifice suction tip is for extracting  the  cyst  or big white head acne.

          The vacuum chamber, with feature of easily pulling straight out  (as shown on the above mechanical drawing)  has a design of multi-
  I.  It  lets consumers accessing to the inside of vacuum chamber;  whereat, for adding Olive oil, which is an agent of movement
 of the piston.
  II.  The vacuum chamber can get sanitized by flushing through with hot tap water;  in case it gets contaminated by, the
 acne's puss incidentally sucked-in.    

The combined features of device are:   1. -  The inner surface of suction tips are designed for sterile that is keeping wet of alcohol.  
 2. -  The removable vacuum chamber is for hot tap water rinsing,   3. -  The interaction of its vacuum over pressure forces  simultaneously
 applies on pimple, extracts
acne's head out instantly.  Any blackhead remover,  which creates no initial pressure,  cannot instantly remove
 a blackhead.  The novelty of combination of vacuum over pressure from the Stonefield Acne Vacuum Extractor has been patented that
 many  Dermatologists  have  been recommending for pimple's treatment and acne's control post healing for many years.

         The action of pushing forward of handle of device  interacts the vacuum suction over pressure force;  this is an exclusive
 feature  that fulfils the needs for
sterile, effective, painless, natural and instant pimple extracting.  Just imaging :   1. --  If the pimple head
be squeezing until its head extruded  by fingers or a metal stick.  How painful !    2. ---  The chemical  pro-active  solution  can  neither
 remove  any
 blackhead,  nor instantly vacuum suck off a zit or under-skin pimple head,  but must wait for few days, for the chemical gets
 effected.  How stressful !   3. ---  Chemical pro-active solution might cause skin allergy.  In contrary, we guarantee no skin allergy, no acne
 cyst forming, but instant effective,  painless  and  sterile treatment
 from  using  this  Stonefield Blackhead  &  Acne  Vacuum Extractor
The Dermatologist  unique design :   The Stonefield's Blackhead, whitehead and cyst Vacuum Extractor  is  a much smaller device than
    the Lipo-Suction system of cosmetic surgery. Once, the handle of device is pushing forward, its suction tip tightly covers the pimple's
     lump with a small controlled pressure;  the device will release a vacuum force on the pimple for painlessly sucking out its head and
      infected fluid instantly and completely.  Lipo-Suction system is achieving its function by having its vacuum tube separating fat tissues
    from their compounds,  then instantly sucking them into its vacuum tube.   The Stonefield Acne Vacuum Extractor  instantly  sucks out
       pimple's cores by its interacting mechanism;  which simultaneously applies pressure on pimple's lump for surging up its head, which is
       extruding into the vacuum space of suction tip of device.   The interacting mechanism of vacuum suction over pressure is a unique
  feature that assures free of skin bruising, dark scar forming and specially painful feeling of acne removal.   The novelty of interacting
    mechanism of vacuum over pressure has been patented since June 2006.

The comprehension of removing blackhead  by the Dermatologist:   Due  to its solidity,  its bonding to and mostly enclosing within  its
      follicle,  blackhead requires an initial pressure  to lose the bonding and to open up the enclosing prior  to  being  removed;  blackhead
       can not be instantly extracting  off  by  any  facial  creams,  including  pasty  adhesive agent  or chemical pro-active solution  positively.
  Perhaps, these chemical agents can remove the very top soft  yellow-head,  but  not  effectively  suck  out  even a  shallow  blackhead.
       By The Consumer Lab test:   # 1.--   Any blackhead vacuum remover,  if it creates no pressure  to open the enclosing pore and losing the
     pimple head from its bonding, then it can never extract a blackhead out definitely.  # 2.-  The suction force itself can not suck out any
   blackhead, due to its enclosing  &  bonding to its pore;  even at an extreme high suction force,  it will only damage skin surface without
      fulfil the acne extracting  task.  # 3.--   A  blackhead vacuum remover,  if its orifice suction tip size is larger more than  three  times  of  a
     pimple's diameter,  will distribute its entire producible vacuum force over the pimple surrounding surface area; thereafter, lose most of
     its strength,  and no longer suitable  for encountering with  a  much  higher natural potential force of bonding and enclosing within the
     pimple's follicle; thus the device can not possibly suck out a  blackhead  physically.  There  must be  a  concentrated pressure  initially
     applying on a blackhead pimple top, for its head gets losing from its bonding and enclosing pore;  where at,  the vacuum  is sucking the
    head out. The lacking of initial pressure of their acne vacuum extractors is the main reason,  which prevents the beauty salons from
      using their  huge pimple suction devices, but must alternately use a loop end metal stick,  forcefully pressures on a  blackhead pimple
    until its head extruded. This painfully pimple extracting can be avoided, if there was an instantly applying of any vacuum suction source,
      at the time of extruding the pimple head.  Although,  knowing  their customers are in pain,  but the  beauty  salons  have  no alternative;
      therefore,  in order to control the acne removal pain, a combination of hot steam with chemical skin softening,  is applying on the pimple
      top.  This  chemical treatment will, in the future, causes skin allergy or skin tone defect. The Stonefield Blackhead, Whitehead and Cyst
     Vacuum Extractor is an incomparable device,  which has the technique of interacting forces;  in which, Its controlled pressure is for
     losing up the bonding,  extruding the pimple's head from its enclosed pore;  thereafter,  its flash vacuum  is painlessly sucking out  the
      blackhead instantly.

The  blackhead,  acne,  their  preventions & treatments:   The application of interacting between the controlled pressure and suction
       forces, to exert on follicle top,  will painlessly  extract  its head out and to clean its pore,  prevent blackhead and zit from  reappearing.
      The Stonefield Acne Vacuum Extractor, as per your control, will  painlessly  suck out  the  zit's infected blockage totally  at  their  prime
       conditions. Otherwise;  post-healing, as the Zit  has healed,  its surrounding red area  will turn  into  a dark freckle for a long period of
      time.  The chemical pro-active solution is not capably  sucking out  the pimple's infected core totally.  Its remained blockage is
      integrating into a deep blackhead.  The excessive oil at pimple's pores, where daily fine dirt is infiltrating, will originate a shallow  
     blackheads.  The Stonefield  Blackhead, Whitehead & cyst Vacuum Extractor will easily extract these  blackheads instantly and would
     totally suck out the infected zits at their beginning stages. The remained blackhead, if not removed, will grow bigger,  cause irritation
       to the around its pore, show more obvious ugly blue-black spot. The longer of blackhead staying on skin is the harder to remove.  The
     blackhead and zit will reappear at any different areas on your face as life goes on. Thus,  there is absolute no chemical solution, nor
     laser treatment to remove blackhead and zit forever.  The Stonefield Acne Vacuum Extractor is a unique personal care device that will
      always be with you, at when ever you need to look at your best.  The chemical active solution can not remove a blackhead,  but might  
      temporary control the zit, which will reappear again randomly on your face as a natural function of body.  Just  imaging !  One must keep
     using the chemical active solution on his face for months to control acne.  Would the chemical effect your facial skin ?  This chemical
     would absorb through the follicles into nostrils, swell up sinus system that causes breathing problem at night.  If you suddenly start
      having snore or awaking frequently in the middle of the night,  after using the chemical pro-active for some time, that means the allergy
      is starting to cause its symptom physically. Thus, the chemical pro-active is not an acne's solution,  but  rather  is a problem of allergy
     for your facial skin.  The empty acne treatment bottle will create pollution for our society.

The  under - skin  pimple  treatment:   In the case of a pimple grows under secondary layer of skin that causes a  big red  swelling lump,
     one can call a cyst.  It is very painful even just by a finger lightly touches.  The Stonefield Acne Vacuum Extractor will surely suck out
     the  whole infected pimple's head with its mixed fluid and puss totally.  Prior  to begin treatment,  it  is  to  recommend  that  consumer
      should inspect the red lump;  whether, it has already appeared a small white spot of puss.  If not, consumer should be waiting for a day
    or two until the white spot to appear on pimple's top. Otherwise, selects  the largest orifice suction tip  that issued with  the device,
    twist to plug the tip tightly on  the vacuum chamber,  operate  the device as seen on video of  this page,  the  pimple's puss  and its
    infected fluids will be sucking out totally. The skin will instantly feel a total relief and its pore will heal in few hours surely.

Price:    ***   This device will pay for itself  within the cost of a trip to a beauty salon for removing blackhead, and much less than the cost
          of visiting  to a Dermatologist  for zits extracting procedure.  
      ***   Using this device is better than using chemical pro-active solution with these facts of:  uncertain effective, cost of re-supply,
            landfill of wasted plastic bottles,  water polluting,  skin allergies and side effects.  
               ***   A set of pimple removal metal sticks  tool  costs from  $30 to $60 dollars.  The  Stonefield  Pimples  Vacuum Extractor  is  an
            approved clinical pimple treatment  device,  which ( On Sale Now of  40% off )  costs less than $ 30 dollars  that will work  on
            your acne for years. This device is the best pimple vacuum control of all kinds on the cosmetic market. We, the Dermatologist,
            Cosmetologist and Design Engineers at the Stonefield Company, are very proud of this scientifically engineering
           achievement.  This is the only device on the market that come with  the interaction mechanism of vacuum over pressure
        force, which apply on  a pimple's top, extract  its head out painlessly and instantly.  There is no acne chemical active solution
        that would guarantee free of skin allergies from using its product, but  the Stonefield  Blackhead, whitehead and cyst  
       Vacuum  Extractor.

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                                                            Stonefield's  200%  Comparison Guarantee Policy

***    This product is 200% guarantee against any other pimples vacuum extractor of its potency, painless, instant, sterile control and price.
      Any consumer or manufacturer can receive the award by just send in a comparative vacuum extractor,  which will prove by California
      Public Lab  to be better than the Stonefield Pimples Vacuum Extractor on the above categories. The guarantee awards are including:  
    The cost to buy this product,  plus the cost of buying the comparative one and the cost of  California Public Lab comparison test of

 Stonefield's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy

***    This product is 100% consumer satisfaction guarantee or  45 days unlimited exchanges until customer's satisfaction has reached. This
     policy covers free of any charge on unlimited back and forth mailing cost.  However, There is no money refund as for avoiding business
     abuses.  Stonefield Mfg.  truly cares for people who has white head acne and blackhead problems;  however,  there were in the
   past, some of our customers have returned his or her used vacuum extractor to get their refunds after accomplished their needs.
     Stonefield Mfg.  is a too small of a company that would not be able to absorb the lost of the abuse.

       This product has been selling on  the market since June 2006  that even many Hollywood's actors and actresses have been using it
     for their over night acne controls.  Consumer can verify  this announcement  by visit  Hollywood Beauty Salon at email:  

***    To get this product for free:  Fingers acne squeezing will get skin infected, bruised and integrated to the worse scar. Chemical
      acne treatment will have side effects. Therefore, any consumer, who can't afford to buy this product, will get it for free.  As per  
      the sale proceeding,  the customer just buys this product as a normal purchasing;  thereafter,  he will receive a total 100%
      refund plus shipping charge after has introduced 4  friends of his to buy this  product.  Afterward, just e-mail us the name of
     your friends,  who have bought  this product.  The full refund of money will come within 5 business days. We truly care for your
     acne.  Acne infection and its dark scar are the serious matters that will effect your facial complexion and self confidence.

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Stonefield Devices Mfg. is the art of beauty.
Investor are welcome.
Please contact us at Stonefield Mfg.

Mr. Andy H. Nguyen
Stonefield Devices Mfg. CEO

Please select color of handle of
the manual acne vacuum extractor
Please select color of
handle of the manual
acne vacuum device

Please pay attention
to the particularly
close-up clip in
middle section of
this video, for the
real time results on
the facial skin
treating, right after
it has done for just
about 20 minutes.  
This clip shows:  the
acne red has faded,
its lump has flatten
and its follicle has
dried and healed
Thus, this device
has not just
extracted acne head
but also smoothed
its facial complexion
very quickly in about
20 minutes.
Please click on the
Buy Now   button  for
on sale of  $ 29.99   
Reg.  $ 49.99    This
purchase has many
options of credit card
payment as shown.
Scroll down this page
for company policy.
The following video is to compare the difference between the Stonefield's manual
acne vacuum remover and its automatic electric one.
This Manual Acne Vacuum Instant Extractor has been selling on the market since June 2006

The effectiveness on
the acne's treatment
in between
the Stonefield's manual
model  and
its automatic model
are the same;
except, the manual
model needs
hand loading on
the vacuum force,  
while the automatic
model is totally self
loading on the
requiring forces.
This Automatic Acne Vacuum Instant Extractor is not yet available and waiting for investor for mass production.
***  Doctor's recommendations:    1. --   Please wash your face with mild soap and warm water right after this acne's head removal
2. --  Keep your facial skin free from oily condition by washing it frequently, avoid eating greasy food and keep your digesting system
from constipation will help controlling acne from reappearing.   
3. --  Wash your face very well with warm water and mild soap before apply on
any makeup.   
4.--  If the heavily zits keep reappearing, one should consult a Doctor for an antibiotic treatment.  5. --  Facial acne cream or
chemical can only temporarily heal a whitehead, but its consolidated cells blockage will remain and integrate into a blackhead or growing white
6. --  The acne's infected blockage is better sucked out immediately; otherwise, it will inflame acne skin to a swelling red;  which is
integrating into a dark spot.  Completely sucking out the acne's infected blockage at its prime condition will control the acne's brown scar, zits,
cyst and blackhead from forming and reappearing post healing.  It also cleans the acne's pore to enhance the skin condition.
The following pictures are the acne and blackhead anatomy
Color Selection
Color Selection