This Acne Vacuum Extractor (Patent Application #11/445,987-12/26/07) was chosen by websearch
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recommended and rated to work well by consumers." "It is considered durable and medical grade."
"Like a medical tool that you'd see in the doctor's office." "It works well but doesn't need charging
battery like The Panasonic EH2511A Pore Cleanser. Which doesn't work well on
deep blackhead,
due to no Vacuum over Pressure force, to open up acne's pores likes Stonefield Vacuum Extractor."
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Red, white acne can be cleansed by some facial creams, but deep Blackhead.  However, all acne will reappear as per your body function and
as the creams used up. Stonefield Vacuum Extractor instantly sucks out all acne,
deep blackhead. It will pay for itself for just one treatment.
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The above video is The Manual Stonefield's Blackhead Acne vacuum painless extractor at work
As you have seen and
compared among all acne
extractors on YouTube;  this
device has shown its best
advances evidently. Its

exclusive feature is:
releasing vacuum over
pressure applies on an
acne top simultaneously.
These combine forces will
open up its enclosed
follicle, expose its blockage
and infected fluid, where
flash vacuum easily extracts

and instantly, without
squeezing, poking or
cutting, like many other
products would do.
device has proved its
effectiveness on removing
acne, blackhead and deep
painlessly and instantly
at  home. Especially, it will
clean up the follicle to
control acne
facial complexion
quickly, as you can witness
through this video in front
of your eyes.
Acne will reappear as per
your body natural function
and as your facial treatment
used up. This
vacuum extractor
extract acne infected fluid
deep blackhead root
instantly. It pays for its self
within one treatment and be
with you for years.
Please read the following
Doctors recommendations
for the  long term acne
***  Doctor's recommendations:    1. --   Please wash your face with mild soap and warm water
right after this acne's head removal operation.
 2. --  Keep your facial skin free from oily condition by
washing it frequently, avoid eating greasy food and keep your digesting system from constipation will
help controlling acne from reappearing.
  3. --  Wash your face very well with warm water and mild soap
before apply on any makeup.
  4.--  If the heavily zits keep reappearing, one should consult a Doctor for
an antibiotic treatment.
 5. --  Facial acne cream or chemical can only temporarily heal a whitehead, but
its consolidated cells blockage will remain and integrate into a blackhead or growing white cyst.
  6. --  
The acne's infected blockage is better sucking out immediately; otherwise, it will inflame acne skin to a
swelling red;  which, in future is integrating into a dark spot.  Completely sucking out the acne's
infected blockage at its prime condition will control the acne's brown scar, zits, cyst and blackhead from
forming and reappearing post healing.  It also cleanses the acne's pore to enhance the skin condition.
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****   The  Electrical Automatic Acne Suction is  $149.99  but not yet available.   ****
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The effectiveness of
the acne treatment
between the Stonefield's
manual model and its
comparable automatic
one are the same;
the manual model needs
hand vacuum loading,
while the automatic
model is totally self
The above video is the comparison between Electric and manual Stonefield's acne vacuum suction extractor.
The above videos are collected from "YouTube"; where customer can verify each video content, be a judge
for yourself, as for selecting the best
acne or extreme deep blackhead vacuum extractor on today market.
The following pictures are the acne and blackhead anatomy
Just observe the above pictures of The Blackhead and Acne Anatomy, the infected cell blockages are larger than their opening pores.  The
shown blockage of follicle is enclosed completely,  It will integrate into a complex mixture of partial liquid and consolidate,  which needs
suction procedure to get removed completely.  Most of chemical treatment can heal the acne infection by to discharge its fluid, but its
consolidated cells might remain within its pore to cause further problems. Thus,  this acne suction device is an ideal solution
.  Pimples are
results of its pore gets clogged by dead cells, excessive oil, fine dusts and bacteria. Acne instant vacuum removal will effectively clear the
acne pore to prevent pimple from reappearing.
   Every pimple will leave behind a brown scar; which is integrating from follicle skin red, due to
blood infiltrated to kill bacteria, as for controlling its infection. The blockage of follicle will integrate into an infected complex fluid,  Any mean of
sucking out the infected fluid totally at its prime condition, will control of forming acne scar post healing. This device is the only acne vacuum
suction extractor on market that designed for completely removing the cores of blackhead, white acne and acne cyst.
****  The feature  of  Vacuum over Pressure  is  an  important  fact  that  The
Stonefield Designs Mfg.
 has been successfully deeply researched for
years. That is the main reason for The Stonefield
Acne Vacuum works so
well on extracting
Deep Blackhead or Extreme Deep Blackhead. There is
no facial cream or other Acne Vacuum Extractor can instantly extract a
Regular Blackhead.                                                                                      
****  The initial pressure is to open up the acne enclosed follicle, exposing
blockage and infected fluid for flash vacuum to suck them out.
****  This initial pressure is to ensure the integrity of created vacuum force.
It creates a close tight circle around the follicle;  otherwise, the vacuum
will leak and lose its
ability force mostly for its assumed duties.
****  Simultaneously applying on acne top is a must have condition, in order
to remove any acne cores,
extreme deep blackhead root or a cyst.
 Therefore,  any  acne  vacuum  extractor  that  does  not  equip with an
initial pressure will surely fail the task of removing a
blackhead root;  for
an extreme deep blackhead, the task even more difficult, which requires a
total precisely coordination between Vacuum over Pressure forces, as for
 work  of  extracting  an  Extreme  Deep  Blackhead  succeed.   We The
Stonefield Designs Mfg.  would
 offer our  Deep Blackhead Extractor  to
 with  any  company  in  the  world,  who  ca n produce  an
acne vacuum extractor or any facial creams that can instantly extract a
Deep Blackhead or just a Regular Blackhead like our product will.
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Blackhead Extractor
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